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Drench Yourself In The Rich History Through The Srilanka Ramayana Your- Book Cheap Flights Now

Are you planning for the holiday to the pilgrimage tour of Sri Lanka? Ramayana, the place is one of the most famous places in Srilanka and popular for Hindu mythology. The place is highly popular among Hindu even though many sites in India be traditional to the Hindu legend but, it is inspired by the tale of history and well-crafted for mythology. The trip will begin from the heritage-rich Kandy and cover all the important places.

So, book a cheap flight to Srilanka’s popular tourist destination but, first see the place to visit during the Ramayana Trip:

  • Kandy: The journey will start from Kandy. A peaceful plateau town situated 133 km away from Colombo has its name in the UNESCO-list for the world heritage site. Well, it is a site of Ramayana and considers as religious as the land of the Ram.  Kandy is famous for the Temple of the Tooth Relic. It holds the historical object of Buddha which made the place more famous. You can see the huge golden statue of Buddha and around which the peaceful winds flow. Firewalk, Kandy Lake, Kandyan Dance performance is some attraction of the place.
  • Ramboda: In the central province of the country Sri Lanka, a village Ramboda is located which is famous for having the largest waterfall. Yes, 109 m-high Ramboda waterfalls as well as Sri Baktha Hanuman Temple. This temple has a deep history as it was made by Chinmaya Mission. The entire temple was built on the hills, and it is believed that Lord Hanuman has initiated his search for Goddess Sita from here.
  • Nuwara Eliya: This place is famous as the City of Lights. In the Central Mountain range of Sri Lanka, it is known as the resort city where places like Seetha Amman Temple, Gayathri Pedam, purumpola and many more are part of Ramayana. Well, there are some reasons why these places are famous, so here you go:
    • Gayathri Pedam: This is the most famous site of Ramayana where Megnath received Lord Shiva’s Blessings. It is an iconic place in Sri Lanka.
    • Seetha Amman Temple: It has its significance. The site of Ashok Vatika you will see where Sita(wife of Lord Ram) was captured by the Ravana.
    • Purumpola: The most important part of Ramayana’s history has happened here. Goddess Sita did fire test or Agni Pariksha to prove her chastity, purity, and devotion for Lord Ram. All this happen, when she got freed from Ravana’s captivity.
  • Hakgala Botanical Garden: Hakgala Botanical Garden is most famous among the five botanical gardens in Sri Lanka; others are Seetawaka Botanical Garden,  Peradeniya Botanical Garden, Mirijjawila Botanical Garden, and Henarathgoda Botanical Garden. Situated on the  Nuwara Eliya-Badulla road. It is 16 km far from the Nuwara Eliya. It is situated at the altitude is 5,400 ft. over the sea level. Well, it is the second-largest garden which attracts a number of tourists every day.
  • Rawana Ella Caves and Rawana Falls: The most beautiful sight that can soothe your eyes and you will feel relaxed is the Rwanda Falls. In Badulla District Uva Province in Sri Lanka, a small town is situated and famous as ELLA. It was the most important place on the pages of Ramayana. Apart from Ella Falls, you will get to see Ravana Caves. The fall has a height of approx 1,080-feet, and it is named after limestone caves atop the waterfall. If you are a nature lover and seeking adventure on your trip then, nothing can be better than this place.
  • Munneswaram temple: Lord Ram, when left for Ayodhya after defeating Ravana, took a stop here because they were being followed by Brahmahathi Dosham. He felt that Brahmahathi shouldn't follow him back to Ayodhya. Ram worshipped Lord Shiva after which he advised him to pray at the four lingams. The four- Lingams such as Manavari, Thiru Koneswaram, Thiruketheeswaram, and Rameshwaram which helped him to get freed from the Dosham. Lord Ram followed everything that Lord Shiva told him to do.
  • Rama in Manavari: This is the place where Lord Ram installed a Shiva Linga. It is also known as the Ramalinga Shivan or Manavari Temple. There are only two Lingam in the world that is named after the Rama. The first is Ramalinga Shiva and the other is Rameshwaram. These places are worshipped by the number of people every year.
  • Kelaniya: It is the place situated in the suburb of Colombo City, Srilanka. This place is known as the ultimate place of Vibheeshana as the King as well as a recognized Buddhist temple also built on the banks of the Kelani River. The place has its name in the Ramayana as well as in the Buddhist chronicle because Gautama Buddha visited the place.

How to get a perfect Srilanka Ramayana Tour experience?

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