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Facts That Will Make You Want to Book a Trip to India Right Now - Book Cheap Flights to India!

India - a South-East Asian country with a lot of spectacular architectural monuments, and places with rich and varied cultural heritage. The Indian Republic is known to be a welcoming country for every religion. The areas here celebrate all kinds of festivals with prosperous brotherhood. You would fail to find a place with such rich varieties of cuisine, architecture, music, and literature. With plenty of beautiful scenic views and incredible cultural purity, India is a land having a civilization of more than 5000 years. Look for the best service providers and book online air tickets soon!

Get amazed with the 15 Facts That will Surely Bring You to India This 2019

  • The White beauty of Taj Mahal: One of the seven wonders of this world, it was built as a sign of eternal love by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, for his lovely wife, Mumtaz. It's an epitome of beauty and purity of love wholly made up of white marble. 
  • The Holy River of Ganges: The river Ganges flows from the Himalaya and ends up into the Bay of Bengal. According to the mythology of Hinduism, taking a dip in the river will purify one's soul. The widely visited pilgrimage to river Ganges in Varanasi. 
  • The Beauty of the Beaches: The southern part of India has three water bodies - the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean, and the Bay of Bengal. The beaches of India are famous for their sunsets. The Beaches of Goa are some of the most visited beaches across India. 
  • Different Religions and the Concept of Spirituality in India: India is the country, where various religions are present. The dominant population of India follows Hinduism, followed by Islam and Christianity to Buddhism and Jainism. Despite having different views on the concept of spirituality, people respect every religion with big hearts and open arms.
  • One of the Most Extensive Varieties of Cuisines: The northern and southern part of India has different tastes. Moreover, each state of India has its own traditional Thali (a plate of conventional food for one individual), which has a different texture and taste from the other. You'll never get tired of eating a variety of dishes.
  • The World Heritage Sites: India has plenty of ancient architectural places that come under the 32 World Heritage Sites, listed by UNESCO. These sites depict the history of many ancient dynasties, different art forms, designs of architecture, etc.
  • The Hospitality of People: The people, even in the rural areas too, give their generosity by showing the gesture of kindness and warmth. Everyone has a welcoming nature, whether you belong to that country or not. 
  • The Yoga: The history of India claims that Yoga has originated from its roots. The importance of Yoga is very high in our routine life. It enhances the body's metabolism as well as the mind and soul. It can cure various diseases and the after-effects too.
  • Cultural Festivals: From the north to south and east to west, there are a lot of festivals celebrated every year as per the cultural beliefs. Apart from the food, celebrating festivals is also a favorite part of India.
  • Shopping in India: Apart from the luxurious malls in India, small street markets or Bazaars can get you a lot of beautiful and quality things at the lowest prices. Bazaars are very famous in the National Capital Delhi. Local people and tourists are interested in buying good stuff at cheaper rates. 
  • The famous Ajanta and Ellora Caves: The famous caves of Ajanta and Ellora are popular. They depict the ancient rock carvings and the stories related to 100 BC when Ajanta was built with Ellora made after 600 years of it. Ajanta caves have many Buddhist paintings too.
  • Vegetation and Wildlife: India contributes different measures to protect the plant and wildlife of several endangered species in the world. India has 333 wildlife sanctuaries, 66 national parks, and 35 zoological gardens to secure and protect flora and fauna.
  • Tea Gardens of Darjeeling: The tea gardens of Darjeeling serves a wide variety of tea. These gardens are present on hills, and the aroma and incredibly scenic views can make an individual speechless.
  • The Border of Attari: The border of India and Pakistan goes through the place Attari in India and Wagah in Pakistan. On the occasion of Independence of both the countries, a world-renowned parade and act are performed by the soldiers at the border. 
  • Leh and Ladakh: Leh and Ladakh are the two places in Jammu and Kashmir, India. They constitute Buddhist monasteries and are beautiful places for hiking trips. The important things to keep in mind before visiting India are:
    • People have different dialects and languages, as we move across different states of the country.
    • The traffic in metropolitan cities is unimaginable. You must choose between various transport systems, to reach the destination fast.
    • Respect for elders is essential in India, and they have terms like Bhai and Didi to give respect while talking to someone.

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