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20 Exciting facts of Palm Jumeirah that will surely make you visit Dubai

Dubai is a place that showcases the perfect fusion of the natural and man-made wonders. The modern engineering wonder, Palm Jumeirah of Dubai, is a major crowd puller for its unbelievable features. This palm-shaped artificial island is famous for its luxurious accommodations and expensive hotels. You can make all the necessary arrangements to reach and stay in this place. You can book flights online to reach here and enjoy a memorable vacation with your family at this exotic location.

Below are 20 intriguing facts about Palm Jumeirah which will compel you to book online air tickets immediately: 

  • This is the only man-made island built on the foundation made up of rocks and sand, not concrete slabs. The rocks were procured by blasting Hajar Mountain. It’s estimated that around 7 million tons of rocks were used in its creation.
  • A length of nearly 11 kilometers of backwaters protects the inner parts of the island from the strong sea currents and rough winds from Iraq.
  • Satellites were used by the engineers and architects to design the perfect crescent-shaped island. A technology named as Vibro-Compaction was used to prepare the land for the island.
  • This world-famous Palm Island, developed with an estimate of $12 billion, got completed in only 6 years. 
  • An underwater tunnel of 6 lanes exists here as a link between the crescent and top of the palm. To facilitate the building of this tunnel, a temporary dam was constructed to drain and excavate the area before the release of the water.
  • This rare archipelago is listed among the rare fleet of islands which can be seen by a naked eye from space. 
  • The eye-pleasing island welcomes you with nearly 12000 palm trees. When this island was under construction, these trees were first grown in a nursery and later shifted to this masterpiece.
  • Palm Jumeirah is actually a group of islands that are connected to each other in such a way that, it resembles the shape of a palm tree. 
  • Two more Palm Islands were planned to be built, and the land was allotted for their construction, but the project was dropped due to financial constrictions. 
  • During its construction, professional pers were appointed to make sure that the under-sea formations are strong and as per the plan.
  • This Palm Island has 60 kilometers of shoreline around it. After completion of the construction, the island increased the Dubai shoreline by 520 kilometers. 
  • The island accommodates many luxury hotels and residential flats which are used as the budget hotels for financially-conscious tourists.
  • It is an interesting fact and might be the only case when around 100 different studies were carried out to determine the feasibility of the final outcome of such engineering marvel. 
  • Considered as an island, Palm Jumeirah is connected to Dubai mainland by a bridge. There is a monorail that acts as a mode of public transportation and connects the mainland to the Palm Islands. 
  • Palm Deira, was one of the three Palm shaped island projects, which was planned to be built with an extension of 50% of the Palm Jumeirah. However, the project is in cold hands as of now. 
  • The island waters house a variety of marine animals boosting the prestige of this so-called 8th wonder of the world.
  • Atlantis is the grand hotel which adds to the popularity of this island. Its inbuilt underwater park allows tourists to swim with dolphins and sharks. 
  • The most famous fact about the Palm Jumeirah is that the tourists who visit it can enjoy a free fall over it. It is a different kind of adrenaline fun when you jump out of your plane and reach the island with a speed of 120 miles per hour. 
  • A fun fact is the material used for constructing the palm-shaped island could have been enough to construct a 1/2 m wide and  2 m high wall circumfusing the entire earth, for around 3 times. 
  • The light show of Palm Island is quite popular among the travelers visiting the city of gold. These points are enough to trigger the traveler in you and entice you to Dubai. The below points will guide you in getting cheap flights and having a successful and pleasant trip to Dubai:
    • Since Dubai is a popular tourist place throughout the year, it’s advised to plan your trip ahead and earmark the dates you prefer to fly there.
    • While booking flights, be wise and opt for online platforms that provide cheap tickets and accommodation to you. BMT is a popular platform where any traveler can book online air tickets at cheap prices with some attractive combo deals.
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    • If you are quite conscious about your pocket, then it is suggested to plan your Palm Jumeirah trip in the off-season like in the month of July-August.

Dubai is the most popular city of Eastern lands with many attractions on its platter for travelers. Palm Jumeirah is no less than wonder and the visit this place will be etched forever in your mind. Make your dream visit to this scenic island real by booking online tickets. We can help you to book flights to enable a comfortable and easy on the pocket trip. So hurry! What you are waiting for!