Visit dubai for dubai beaches sunshine and entertainment

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Visit Dubai for Dubai Beaches Sunshine and Entertainment

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Dubai offers it all, beaches, sunshine, and entertainment. This earth has plenty of beautiful and mesmerizing places, but the modernity, royalty, and gorgeousness that Dubai offers, need no introduction. Undoubtedly, Dubai has become one of the most desirable destinations on this planet amongst tourists, offering them the fun of shopping, luxury, and comfort. From top-notch resorts to crazy nightclubs, from pompous branded showrooms to grandeur lifestyle and iconic Burj Khalifa tour, vacation can’t be better than this.

Imagine having yacht parties or bidding adieu to the sun by enjoying the panoramic view from Burj Khalifa. Feel the vibe of chilling at one of the Beach resorts and dancing on the groves with the mob. Dubai is nothing but a big home of entertainment, where the people never sleep.

Although there are plenty of reasons to visit Dubai, in this article, we will list the best places to visit in Dubai.

  • Burj Khalifa: Who needs an introduction to Burj Khalifa. It’s located in the Downtown area and is counted among the most famous tourist attractions in the entire world. The 828 meters tall building offers a mesmerizing view of the beautiful city and sky. Astoundingly, the Burj is a building carrying 26000 mirror-finish glass panels and 200 plus levels. Some of the fun facts about Burj Khalifa are that it is three times as tall as the Eiffel tower, its elevator travels at speeds of 10 meters per second, and the weight of the concrete used to build the building equals 100,000 elephants and many more. For tourists, there are three observation decks at levels 124, 125, and 148 in the building, allowing you to have a top of the cloud experience. In order to not miss the incredible sunrise or sunset view, make sure you book in advance to avoid any disappointments later. Enjoy Burj Khalifa’s sky lounge, top view, and high dining at Atmosphere in the tallest building in the world.
  • Ain Dubai: Do you want to experience that thrill of riding on the world’s tallest observation wheel? Ain Dubai is where you should go. Yes, you read it right. Ain Dubai is another amazing place to visit while holidaying in Dubai. It’s a work of splendid art capturing tourists’ attention and offering spectacular experiences of the ride. Visitors can see the structure of the wheel through the transparent ceiling and get an idea of the ride from its slowly revolving cabins. Picture the perfect experience it could be for you while getting a ride in the air-conditioned luxurious cubicle, rotating slowly. Make sure you reach the destination at least 30 minutes before completing the entry process. Later, for the next 38 minutes, you will be enjoying Ain Dubai, hence use the washroom or eat some snacks before getting on the ride. There are a few cabins like private, exclusive, and observation cabins. All offer different kinds of experiences. So, what kind of fun you are looking for, place the booking accordingly.
  • Ferrari World: It’s in Abu Dhabi and a must-visit location for visitors when in Dubai. To fulfill the passion for speed and thrill and offer the experience of heritage, excellence, innovation, and speed, the Ferrari world is the right place. Irrespective of your age, you will find many exciting things among 20 unique attractions. The Ferrari world is not limited to the display of the cars only, there are many other things as well. You can enjoy the world’s fastest rollercoaster or get the thrill of driving a Ferrari, feel the virtual experience in 4D, and get lost in the history of Ferrari.
  • Desert Safari: To uplift the spirit of dunes and car bashing, all you need to visit is the Desert safari in Dubai. It’s another famous attraction and activity to do in Dubai, offering the world’s best experience of the desert. You will find several desert safaris camps, running in Dubai. These companies offer different kinds of experiences to tourists. So, make sure what kind of services you are looking for. From cheap to most expensive safari camps are available; hence the choice will be yours. The safari timings start in the morning and it runs overnight. Tourists mostly choose sunrise and sunset timings to witness the beauty of the desert while enjoying the pleasant weather as well. Undoubtedly, the desert is magnificent. Try camel riding, click lots of pictures, ride a quad bike and later spend an unforgettable evening in the camp, where you will enjoy the buffet, and dance performances followed by several other activities.
  • Dubai Mall: There’s no surprise why Dubai Mall is the best mall in the city. From luxurious brands to affordable shopping stores, from beautiful attractions to fun-filled activities, Dubai Mall is entertainment heaven by all means. The mall is so huge, you need a whole day free for it. You know what’s insane, it is the size of the mall which is equal to the size of approximately 50 football fields. This mall is in the main area of the city; Downtown and surrounded by two iconic beauties; the Dubai Fountain and Burj Khalifa. Your mind will be blown and your heart will glow when you witness the evening charm of the mall while admiring the illuminated view of the fountain and Burj. The interior of the mall is worth admiring and Human Waterfall steals the show every day. Apart from the ambiance, shopping of course is the best thing to do in this huge mall. There’s no shortage of brands in the mall. So, get ready to spoil yourself and your bank balance here in Dubai Mall.
  • Dubai Fountain: This show offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience of the beautiful blend of water, light, and music. Thousands of locals or tourists gather around this remarkable Dubai Fountain and enjoy the view, music, and environment. Also, the fountain is Downtown, near the famous Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa. So, you can have the pleasure of enjoying many things in one place. You can find many famous eating places near the fountain. You can book your table in advance so that you can enjoy your feast while immersing yourself in a captivating beautiful show. Be ready to be surprised when the fountain shoots water up to 500 feet in the air. 22,000 gallons of water can be sprayed in the air with different patterns and combinations. Get a lake ride after watching the show or enjoy other nearby attractions.
  • Dubai Frame: Built in 2018, Dubai Frame has captured attention worldwide rapidly. It’s a unique building, bringing you the pleasure of seeing the 360-degree view of both new and old Dubai. In the frame, you will find many things to do. For example, you can hear the story of the development of Dubai in the museum available on the ground floor. Also, get to know the phases of city development with amazing 3D presentations. After this, go to the SKY Deck and enjoy the uninterrupted views of Dubai. Take pictures at the 50-meter-long opaque sky bridge.
  • Global village: Although winter is the best time to visit Dubai, Global Village can only be seen during the winters. It operates from November till April. The Global Village splits into twenty-seven pavilions, representing countries globally. It’s another hotspot amongst tourists offering one-of-a-kind experiences with different things. In this village, find different cultures, bringing you things from all over the world. This destination is so much more than just a shopper’s stop, offering more than 12000 shows for families, couples, teenagers, and elders too. Find amusing singing and dancing performances from famous Asian and Arab stars. On the other hand, cultural shows enlighten the mob with some incredible art performances. From a floating market to a circus, from a carnival to a wheel ride and many restaurants, this place would make your whole evening fun and memorable.
  • Dubai Miracle Garden: Dubai Miracle Garden is a place that looks like heaven having thousands of colors, flying pigeons, muttering butterflies, blooming flowers, and gorgeous trees. This is not a dream; in fact, this place is dreamy on its own. Having 45 million flowers on display, you cannot miss your trip to the garden when in Dubai. This city is not only tall, concrete buildings and shopping streets, but it is also much more amazing than this. This garden was officially opened on Valentine’s Day and offers the classic experiences of the world’s largest flower garden. If you’ve already paid your visit to this garden, you will be surprised to know that the floral structure changes seasonally. This means the visitors will get a different experience each time they come to enjoy the beauty of the garden. Find floral Burj Khalifa, heart-shaped arch passage, and have the visual delight under the umbrella roof.
  • Atlantis Aquaventure Park: Who doesn’t love water and fun rides? Everyone, right. Irrespective of age or gender, you all can have fun at Atlantis. It’s advisable to have an Aquaventure day pass to not miss many attractions of the park. This place leaves no room to get bored; enjoy exciting new slides, connect with marine animals or rest at the beach. There are a total of 105 slides, attractions, and experiences, imagine what a fun-filled day it could be there. Take a break from all the fun and enjoy the delicious food and drinks in open restaurants and outdoor kiosks. Don’t forget to check out the shark safari and informative youth programs.
  • Dubai Expo: Dubai Expo is something that you would’ve never seen or experienced. Dubai has always been immaculate when it comes to launching or bringing something new to the city. Similarly, Dubai Expo is another successful event, launched by Dubai for tourists coming around the world. You can expect a lot of new things here like culinary adventure, cultural events, celebrity-style cafés, UAE’s heritage storytelling shows, and the new world of luxury. Dubai Expo is ambitious in informing the visitors of the incredible importance of maintaining and living in balance. How technology can shape the future in a better way, these experiences will be well-received at the expo.
  • Skydiving in Dubai: To satiate the hunger for skydiving, you don’t need to go far. Dubai is offering an enormous sky diving adventure. It’s an extreme sport where you will be falling freely from a plane and enjoying the fun without much danger. Although this sport looks scary, the parachute makes it incredibly safe while flying as well as landing. If you are waiting for the right moment to feel the adrenaline rush and exceptional sense of accomplishment, give one chance to skydive. Two types of skydiving are there to choose from; one with an experienced instructor and the second option is solo skydiving. There are a couple of things to be taken care of while going for this sport; age group above 18 years, weight below 100 kgs, and many others. You will get proper instructions before going for the activity.
  • Dubai Gold Souk: Planning to pay your visit to the iconic gold souk mall? Well, here are a few tips for you. This place is incredibly safe and authentic to buy pure gold at a discounted price. You will find more than 300 retail shops and beautiful collections of jewelry, leaving you overwhelmed with the section. Roam as much as you can in the mall, as you will find many unique kinds of jewelry pieces. Avoid making contact or buying things from street vendors selling gold or other items. Apart from the gold, you'll find a huge collection of sheesha pipes, henna kits, incense burners, and henna kits. Also, you can find household articles, artifacts, rugs, and textile items. Activate your bargaining power and see how this place will be a steal for you.

The best time to visit Dubai is during winter from October to March. Since Dubai is one of the most expensive cities around the world, if you want to book cheap flights to Dubai, contact a travel agency. Travel companies offer the most affordable vacation package that includes hotel, flight, excursions, transfers, and visa bookings. Have an amazing trip to Dubai with your travel buddy, catering to all kinds of requests with love and compassion when it comes to holidays. Live your holiday with the best vacation deal without breaking your bank balance.